"No world event is worth the shedding of one childs tear." 

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky


Hope dies last, but help may not come too late ...





Support seriously ill children worldwide with your donation! 

Diseases on the advance

In the 21st century, medicine has developed rapidly. The diseases mutate and spread even faster. The children are particularly affected.

The poor environmental conditions, the Chernobyl disaster, the improper processing and storage of radioactive and radiation-contaminated substances and materials as well as the poor quality of water and food are just some of the reasons for the rising number of children getting sick. Several hundreds of thousands of children suffer from serious diseases: cancer, heart diseases, epilepsy, skin diseases, orthopedic and genetic diseases, severe congenital diseases.

It is not only about Africa, Syria or India, but also about neighboring countries like Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and others.

No donations no hope

For technical and financial reasons, medicine is lagging behind in these countries. In addition, there are not enough specialists as well as too little practical experience in the medical facilities. Children often die due to medical malpractice and wrong treatment. Counterfeit drugs are also a big problem.

Very often the treatment has to take place abroad (Germany, Switzerland or USA), since some diseases can not be treated in the home country. 

It is hardly known in Germany, but 70-85% of the population in the countries of the former Soviet Union live in poverty. The political and economic situation aggravates day by day. The treatment abroad is hardly affordable for hardly any family. And even though parents do everything for their children, it is simply money that is missing. 

The treatment sometimes costs so much that it would exceed what a whole family would earn throughout their whole lives. As an example, the treatment of some cancer types costs more than 500,000 €. However, depending on the country, the average wage is between € 1 and € 5 per day.

Our Mission

We have made a great effort helping children with disabilities and their families from abroad. We will pay the treatment costs and, if necessary, transport, accommodation and interpreting expenses and support the children and their families during the entire course of the treatment. We provide not only financial, but also psychological support and advice.

We help the children worldwide. We are both politically and denominationally independent.

With the help of our donors, helpers and supporters, we try to help as many children as possible. We are looking forward to all kind of donation and support. Every volunteer is welcome. Together we can achieve a lot and make the world a bit better.

Blood Cancer - Leukemia! Alina wants to live - we can help! The great appeal for donations!

Blood Cancer - Leukemia! Alina wants to live - we can help! The great appeal for donations!

      Alina is still a small child, but she has to fight for her life every day. She can not even see her evil enemy because he is hiding in her blood. Alina is suffering from acute lymphocytic leukemia of the high-risk group.   Watch the video here!

Leukemia!!! Help save the life of a little angel!

Leukemia!!! Help save the life of a little angel!

        Kira from Ukraine is only 3 years old, but she has to fight for her life. Her enemy is a highly dangerous acute lymphoblast leukemia from the high-risk group.                  

Almost there! The last important step for Simon.

Almost there! The last important step for Simon.

    The 4-year-old Simon from Graz, Austria, suffers from a perception disorder. Simon shows abnormalities and development delays especially in the emotional realm. He often has problems in the kindergarten.         

4-year-old Anja needs your support!

4-year-old Anja needs your support!

    Little Anja was born on 25 November 2013, two months earlier than scheduled. She weighed only 1500 grams.   For one month, little Anja was at the premature infancy, where the doctors diagnosed cerebral damage and damage to the CNS (central nervous system).            

Vulnerable and helpless: Help a butterfly child!

Vulnerable and helpless: Help a butterfly child!

        The one-year-old Mischa Ponepolyak suffers from a rare disease called bullous epidermolysis.                      

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